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Driving On Ice Game
Description: Just experience and simulate how it feels to drive a car on an icy road.Shoot other cars on the highway, avoid the police and create as much carnage as possible.Game Instructions:This flash driving drill game comes from in France. The stylish graphics reminded us of one of those motor vehicle safety manuals they used to pass out in school. Maybe they are coordination tests for driver permits? Oh, that"s just plain silly. Anyways, the game requires you to drive on ice around a small track. Again, against the clock but don"t run off the road, that also counts against you. The game is short and simple to pick up and play. The game features realistic physics and when the game is finished you get to see a complete replay of your performance. However, the drill is not that easy as you think....Drive carefully! Controls: Press "S" Key to start and stop the game Use the Arrow keys to steer the car Press Space bar for handbrake.