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TurboFlex Game
OBJECTIVES:It"s the year 2010, the need for mobility has grown exponentially since the first years of the millennium. Nowadays, all the social guarantees and the bureaucracy of the traditional flexible staffing solutions are no longer sustainable because a single worker can be useful in different factories during the same day. This is why TurboFlex Inc., the worlds leading human resources organisation has created a tube system that makes it possible to transport employees in real time depending on demand. Playing the part of a Turboflex employee, you will have to survive the dynamic labour market, getting used to very different duties. Try not to make mistakes or your chances, represented by the energy bar will decrease. If you run out of chances, you will be blacklisted and then expelled from the market. Welcome to the tubeage!CONTROLS:Mouse point and click. For every job you are given you have to click on the objects or people that flash or come up to fulfill the job requirement.
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